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The Company

Kris Carers Ltd is a Domiciliary Care Service and a family owned business which established in 2008. The name came from the first grandchild in the family, hence KRIS. We believe that the word family makes all the difference, as it is personal and more intimate.

The Ownership

The company is structured as a sole proprietorship.

The Goals and Objectives

Kris Carers aim is to achieve the highest standards possible and are striving towards being the biggest company around the UK, which we plan to make reality in the next five years. We at Kris Carers are determined, caring and thoughtful, individuals who want the very best for any customer who seeks care.

Location Analysis

Kris Carers does not have a competitive location as we are located one minute away from the busy roads of Melton Road, where traffic is constantly flowing and the roads are never bare. Melton Road is big advantage in itself as it leads straight into the City Centre which is only five minutes away from where our company is based.


Established Customers

We have several established customers who have been with Kris Carers from day one, and who are extremely happy with the services we provide. Our customers and their families have and still do send us "Thank You Cards" for our help, support and undivided care.

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